Tax Services

Andersen in Tunisia assists its customers in minimizing the cost for their company by identifying and applying the best strategies in international direct and indirect taxes. Moreover, Andersen in Tunisia’s outsourcing tax services allow customers to save time and cost.

Our services include:

Tax Compliance

Preparation and filing of various statutory returns and documents with the revenue authorities periodically. A plethora of paperwork is involved in filing numerous tax returns on a quarterly, semi-annual and annual basis. It is always a very complicated and lengthy process to be complied with punctually and regularly. Failure of compliance attracts heavy penalties and even prosecution in certain cases. Extensive data has to be procured from account books of the firm/company to fill in the returns entailing huge amounts of labor and knowledge.

Tax Representation

Income tax assessing officers are generally of a very suspicious nature and confront individuals or entities with very tricky questions during the course of evaluations. The tax representative, therefore, has to be a highly knowledgeable, experienced and eloquent counsel to be able to derive full justice from the revenue authorities in case the client should face any harassment or undue losses.

Tax Assistance

We take a holistic view, combining industry insight with the technical skills of financial and tax professionals, economists, lawyers and our other in-house resources as necessary, to develop comprehensive, integrated solutions. Our tax services include:

  • Registrations with income tax authorities
  • Filing of income tax returns
  • E-filing of TDS returns
  • Consultancy on income tax matters
  • Consultancy on tax planning & savings
  • Consultancy on double taxation
  • Consultancy on international taxation
  • Global compliance services
  • Maintenance of income tax records
  • Liaison with income tax authorities
  • Services related to withholding taxes